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Values Statement

Brooklyn Behavioral Therapy was formed with two intentions: first, to provide excellent evidence-based mental health care to clients who need it. Second, to create a practice in line with a value system. Here are the values we agree to operate under:

Provide evidence-based treatment to the best of our ability. We agree to pursue ongoing training, recognize our limitations, and consult with colleagues when we run up against them. 

Fallibility. We agree to operate under the belief that we are fallible - not only can we fail as therapists and human beings, we assume that we will. Failure does not come with judgment; it simply means we have not achieved the goal we set out to achieve. 

Assuming positive intent. We agree to abide by the belief that everyone is doing the best they can. That does not mean that what they are doing is enough to solve the problem or doesn't need to change, but we approach each other with empathy. 

Radical Genuineness. We agree to be human beings with our clients and each other. We agree to be open and transparent about concerns and strive toward non-hierarchical relationships when possible.

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