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Mutual Aid

Brooklyn Behavioral Therapy believes that quality, effective mental health care should be available to everyone. Unfortunately, the system has many barriers in place that make this difficult. Here is how we try to address this problem:

We reserve several significantly reduced fee sessions for clients in need. If you have the means to pay the full fee for your session, you will be subsidizing low-fee appointments for people with less access to means who would benefit from working with a therapist with the proper training to meet their needs. If you have a preference for a community to benefit from your mutual aid funds, please note that and we will redirect those funds to members of that community. 


This is determined on a needs-based basis. Many factors are considered in this determination, including whether clients have out-of-network benefits, family resources, personal wealth, or are at risk of food insecurity or eviction. If you believe you are in need of sliding scale services, please bring this up in your phone consultation and we will work with you as best we can. 

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