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Clinical Consultation

We offer sliding-scale DBT clinical consultation to clinicians interested in or newly trained in DBT who otherwise wouldn't be able to access it. Many clinicians are trying to learn how to provide"good enough" DBT in environments where they are the only person with any knowledge of the modality, and this can be so difficult to do without adequate individual guidance. DBT training and supervision, like DBT therapy, can be prohibitively expensive and often clinicians with less means have trouble accessing it. 

Clinical consultation is provided by Eliza Hecht, LCSW. She is trained in DBT through Behavioral Tech, Marsha Linehan's DBT training company. She is also intensively trained in DBT-Prolonged Exposure for trauma, DBT with couples, and ExRP for OCD. Our goal is to make adherent DBT accessible to as many clients as possible and having more properly trained DBT clinicians only furthers this goal. We would also like to increase clinicians' love for a modality that we have seen to be so transformative for clients, and we know that support, resources, and guidance can be invaluable in that process. 

If you are a clinician in search of DBT consultation, please fill out the contact form here or send us an email at

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